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Originally from Chicago and rapidly expanding in Shanghai, EWS (Eva Wang Studio) is an award-winning design firm with a broad range of international experiences. Led by Chicago architect/designer Eva Wang, the office is committed to the highest quality of innovative design with sensibility of the urban context, cultural and environment. EWS provides full architect and design services, which urban design projects include town planning, community and CBD design. Its architecture projects include Five-star hotels, office, community facilities, and high-end residential design. Its interior projects include office spaces, showrooms, boutique hotels, food and Beverage, museums, and customer homes. EWS also provides landscape design, graphic design, and furniture design and consulting services.

EWS approaches design work with optimism and drive, guided by the following values.
Context, Clarity, Creativity, Communication - Guided by the “4Cs” design principles, EWS approaches design work with optimism and drive, delivers quality service to exceed clients’ expectation. From master planning to landscape, from architecture to interiors, EWS seeks design that is complex yet clear, dynamic yet simple, universal yet original, fresh yet sustainable.
Good design is rooted in a unique context and then transcends it. EWS embraces all design challenges and perceives constraints as creative opportunities for sensible spirited solutions.
A successful design process relies above all on an accessible and interactive relationship with the client. The EWS team - open, perceptive and skilled - is able to understand and better serve each client's vision and project goals.
EWS promotes an integrated design process through close teamwork. Our open-plan workplace is structured on this idea, bringing together a broad range of international experts under a single roof.
The high level of service EWS provides is ensured by our enthusiastic personal drive, constant professional growth, collegial inspiration from the design and art communities, and our access to outside resources - governmental, academic, and technical.